Great Questions to Ask While Prospecting
Mike Lemire

We all know that ASKING questions is critical in prospecting.

So, what is your favorite question? Need some help in finding the right question?

Read these GREAT prospecting questions I received a few years ago from a small contest I ran with!

My favorite question when prospecting is: If I can lay all your fears and objections to honestly answer each one to your satisfaction.....when would you like to begin?
- Sheridan Harker

Why have you decided that making money from home is for you?
- Richard Bowman

"If I could show you a method to improve your personal health immediately, and also to benefit your long-term financial health, would you be interested in hearing more?"
- Tracey

If money were not a problem, what would you do tomorrow and for the rest of your life?
- Jeannie Flechsenhar

"I have something I want to show you. You may or may not be interested. It will take about 15 minutes."
- J Anderson

What do you want to DO with the extra income you're looking to earn with your home based business?
- Ken

"___________, I am going to be right up front with you and let you know, as I mentioned, I'm only looking for 3 motivated people this week that are serious about changing their future.

So far, 1 of those positions have been filled so there are only 2 left this week. ___________, would you consider yourself motivated enough to fill one of those positions?"
- Matthew Walters

If money was no object what would your life be like?
- KJ Ogden

What would have more of an impact in your life, Feeling better than you have ever felt or having more money to secure your financial security?
- Christine

My favorite question when prospecting is "If I could show you a way to that you could work from home, spend time with your family AND develop a long term, residual, leveraged income if it did not jeopardize your present position, would you be interested in hearing more?"

Another question I like is "What is your exit strategy?"
- Charlene Earl

"Do you keep your eyes open for ways to earn extra money without interfering with what you are doing now?"
- Louis

"If I could show you an attractive business venture that would give you the financial freedom to do whatever you'd like to do, would this be something you would consider?"
- Larry

"Where do you want to be in your life 5 years from today, and what are you doing right now to guarantee that you get there? How can I help?"
- AJ Noble

How would your life change if time and money were no object?
- George Hearn

Are You Serious about a home-based business?
- Pat Rogers

Do have enough free time to spend with your family?
- John Ridder

I like to ask prospects what they feel has been their greatest personal achievement. This helps ME to know if they are the type of person I want to join my team. I try to always be ready to "say no first".
- Sharon Kramer

Motivated Mike