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3 Phases of a Phone Presentation
3 Way Calls
5 Steps to Start a Successful Call
5 Tips For Staying On Top
7 Ways to Excel at Calling Leads
Applied Knowledge is Power
Creating a Magnetic MLM Recruiting Environment
First Call Script
Friends, Family & Neighbors
Golden Rules of Cold Market Prospecting
Great Questions to Ask While Prospecting
How To Address The Concerns And Fears Of A Potential Partner - Parts I & II
How To Address The Response - I Don't Have The Money
How To BREAK out of Your Comfort Zone!
How To Create MLM Duplication
How To Open A Closed End Question
How To Stay Motivated
Master The Art Of Listening
Overcome Your Fear of Failure
Quick Closing Tips
Talking to a Prospect as if to a Friend
The 3 Best Messages to Leave Prospects
The 7 Key Traits to the Best Potential Prospects
The Secret to Being a Great Closer
Top 10 Tips for Terminating Telephone Terror
The Master of Influence
To Plant More Seeds, You Need More Leads
Voicemail Script
Your Voice Is Your Instrument

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